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Personalized Weddings

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Every couple wants their wedding day to be personalized and unique. There are several ways to accomplish this task:

1. From the beginning, a personalized program will add a unique edge to any event. Facts and photos of the couple add an especially exciting touch, and give guests something to look at before the ceremony begins. Print a favorite quote in the program to add a meaningful touch.

2. Florida is known for its warm summer months. A great way to keep guests cool, especially at outdoor ceremonies is to set up a drink station. Think fruit infused water or lemonade to stay hydrated.

3. Another great way to incorporate a personal touch is with monograms. They can be incorporated in many elements of the wedding including escort cards, aisle markers and even the cake.

4. Instead of throwing rice as a traditional farewell to the bride and groom, there are many options to end the ceremony with a farewell including noise makers, paper pinwheels and sparklers.Eileen Roundtree, Spring 2014 Intern, The Regent